Horse: The most abundant mammal in the movie, horses run wild in the American West and are also seen as riding animals for the Lakota Indians and under service to the US Cavalry.

Bison: Spirit meets a large herd of these during his first winter at a watering hole. Numerous in the past, these great beasts have unfortunately lost many of their numbers over the years due to over hunting.

Cougar: Spirit heroically saves the Cimarron herd's colts from the Cougar hunting them down.

Eagle: The only eagle we see in the movie is a Bald Eagle that seems to be Spirit's friend and companion.

Deer: We see a brief glimpse of a deer herd in the opening scenes, one buck and a few does in a forest before we see the plains Spirit and his herd live on.

Bear: Grizzly Bears are seen in the opening scenes fishing at a waterfall. A mother and her two cubs are fishing at the waterfall and the cubs fight over a fish she catches for them.