Spirit soundtrack(1)

This is the English version of the Spirit soundtrack.

It includes scores composed by Hans Zimmer (Also famous for composing music in The Lion King and The Prince of Egypt) and songs written and sung by Bryan Adams.

The single of "Here I am" was the most popular song on the album.

Track listing:

1. Here I Am (End Title)

2. I Will Always Return

3. You Can't Take Me

4. Get Off My Back

5. Brothers Under the Sun

6. Don't Let Go (ft. Sarah McLachlan)

7. This Is Where I Belong

8. Here I Am

9. Sound The Bugle

10. Run Free

11. Homeland (Main Title)

12. Rain

13. The Long Road Back

14. Nothing I've Ever Known

15. I Will Always Return (Finale)

16. Where Do I Go From Here (Special Edition soundtrack)

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